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Discovery Telescopes Dobsonian 10 DHQ

This Dobsonian telescope is good value for money. This is a large and bulky telescope, the tube length is 59″ and weighs 36lbs, the mount weighs 30lbs, in total you have 66lbs to move around, so take this into consideration if you’re planning on buying the 10″.

There are some nice touches to this Dobsonian telescope, a center Teflon pad, bored through to accept the bolt, that absorbs the weight over this part of the mount.

Azimuth motions are good for this size telescope. The ground boards have a nylon bushing to prevent enlargement of the central bolt hole for the azimuth axis.

Collimation which was out is easy to fix without too much effort. The secondary also required adjustment. Discovery uses a 3/8″ rod unlike most other Dobsonians so make certain you have the correct wrench in your tool kit. The focuser is very smooth with no image shift at all.Discovery Telescopes Dobsonian 10 DHQ

The optics on the 10″ Dobsonian telescopes are excellent. I viewed all my favorite deep sky objects with excellent results. M27 Dumbbell Nebula was stunning with this telescope, showing sharp and detailed structure. I also viewed M8 Lagoon Nebula, M20 Trifid Nebula and M31 Andromeda Galaxy all with very good results.

The planets also had structure and detail, you will see color in all the planets in particular Jupiter with its complex clouds. Unfortunately the cool down time is long on these Dobsonian telescopes, you can expect to wait an hour before viewing.

Because of the weight of these Dobsonian telescopes, they are not going to be practical for everyone. If you plan on buying this telescope, it would be a good idea to build a platform on wheels to be able to move it around with more ease.

 Dobsonian Telescopes Recommendation

These Dobsonian telescopes are very large (bulky) and heavy, so keep this in mind if you want to buy. The optics are excellent and the viewing is what you would expect from a 10″ Dobsonian.

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