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Meade 10″ Starfinder Dobsonian

Once you own a Dobsonian you will always have a soft spot for them and I think you’ll be happy with this Meade Dobsonian especially as 2 years ago you would have paid $599. Of all the meade telescopes you’ll get a real bang for your bucks with this one.

But why, Oh why, does Meade keep spitting out these cheap plastic viewfinders. I would suggest you buy the “deluxe” package for the larger model Meade, it has a much better viewfinder.

Now you’re getting into the big aperture, please read the page on Telescopes-Myths and Misconceptions where I explain the difference between magnification and aperture. With the larger aperture these meade telescopes are going to give you many more deep sky objects to view.

The optics on the 10″ Dobsonian Meade telescopes are excellent. I viewed all my favorite deep sky objects with excellent results. M27 Dumbbell Nebula was stunning with this telescope, showing sharp and detailed structure.Meade

I also viewed M8 Lagoon Nebula, M20 Trifid Nebula and M31 Andromeda Galaxy all with very good results. The arms of the Spiral Galaxy, were clearly visible.

The only problem I found with this telescope is the bearings, but this telescope was 5 years old so I think it is doing well and the problem can be fixed. Not all the 10″ have this problem as Meade has redesigned them.

But if you find problems with the bearings sticking you can fix it by replacing the “side bearing nylon pads” with two felt pads that are greased with white lithium oil.

Overall this telescope performs well. And when it comes to viewing you will not be disappointed. The images are clear, crisp, and sharp with a larger array of objects to view.

These are large Meade telescopes, but not so large that they are hard to transport or move around. I can move it around without any assistance.

 Meade Telescopes Recommendation

These are great meade telescopes and excellent value for your money when you consider the large aperture you’re getting. And in the world of telescopes “aperture is everything”

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