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Celestron 8″ G-8N Reflector

This Celestron telescope is simply amazing, you are getting a very large 8″ aperture for so little money. And after testing this scope you can see it is worth much more. The Celestron telescope optical design incorporates an auxiliary correcting lens to reduce aberrations.

I have been testing this Celestron telescope for several weeks now and have been very pleased with its overall performance. The G-8N’s German equatorial mount includes bearings, and has reinforced castings to allow greater weight loads for smoother operation.

I first viewed the planets with excellent results. I could see color in all the planets in particular Jupiter with its complex clouds. Jupiter showed 4 cloud bands and the great red spot, and all of Jupiter’s moons were clearly visible. Saturn was stunning with the Cassini division and other structure clearly visible in the ring system.Celestron 8 G-8N Reflector,

When viewing Mars, I could see the polar caps and the different shades of color on the planet’s surface. Uranus was also visible with the distinctive greenish blue color.

I viewed all my favorite deep sky objects with excellent results from this Celestron telescope. M27 Dumbbell Nebula which showed sharp and detailed structure. I also viewed M8 Lagoon Nebula, M20 Trifid Nebula, the great Orion Nebula, and M31 Andromeda Galaxy all with very good results.

This Celestron telescope is sturdy but it is heavy, something you want to remember if you decide to buy. But other than that, this is an excellent Celestron telescope which will give anyone many years of great viewing.

Product Description

  • Celestron telescope aperture – 203mm (8″) Reflector
  • Focal Length 1000mm (40″)
  • Focal Ratio F/5
  • 9×50 Finderscope
  • 2″ Focuser
  • 9×50 Finderscope
  • Eyepiece – 20mm Plossl (50x)
  • Highest Useful Magnification 480x
  • Lowest Useful Magnification 29x
  • CG-5 German Heavy Duty Equatorial Mount
  • Adjustable Aluminum Tripod
  • Optical Tube Length 37 inches
  • Weight: 31 lbs.


I would highly recommend this Celestron telescope to anyone who wants to be able to view a large amount of objects but who also has a budget to consider.

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