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Reviews on Meade Telescopes

Meade Telescopes – This is one of the top selling telescopes known throughout the world. Over 85% of all telescopes sold within the United States are Meade. Read the reviews as we test this mighty scope.

Some of the reviews may surprise you and some may not! But what ever happens you will have a better idea which Meade telescope is right for you and your wallet.

Reviews on Meade Telescopes

I recommend merchants that I know will give you great customer service and who have competitive prices on all their Meade telescopes. I have purchased several meade telescopes and accessories from most of these merchants and can vouch for their customer service and competitive prices. The Discovery Store and RitzCamera are two of my favorites Stores as they both have a good range of Meade telescopes to choose from.

People who have purchased meade telescopes from Vanns the Binocular Center and CameraWorld. have given them a good rating for their service and prices. They all have favorable return policies and will fix any problems you may encounter with your meade telescope. And all can be contacted be E-Mail, Phone or Fax should you have any questions.

If your looking to buy astronomy software that is compatible with Meade’s Autostar, I would recommend the one I use called Starry Night. It is an exciting piece of software which comes in three versions and is very cheap to buy.

Starry Night Software will provide you with information and pictures (taken by the Hubble Telescope) on any object in the night sky. This allows you to –

  • Provides you with info on objects you are viewing through your telescope.
  • Helps plan your night’s viewing by giving you the exact position of an object at any given time.
  • Teaches you where and how to find objects.

This software is great for all ages, is simply to use and a lot of fun. I highly recommend it.

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