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Orion SkyView Pro 8″EQ Reflector

Priced around $579. With True-Track dual axis drive $628.

Orion seems to have been very busy developing and redesigning all these new scopes and here is the next one the big 8″ EQ Orion telescope. And thanks to my local retailer I got to take it out and play. The tube is in gunmetal gray on a black mount which looks great. The tripod is the best low cost tripod I’ve seen in a long time with stainless steel tube tripod legs, Meade should take a look at what Orion is doing with their tripods.

This is another excellent deep space Orion telescope. It has good optics to do the job. I viewed my favorite Galaxy Andromeda, and could see the dust lanes quite well. I then viewed my other favorite the Ring Nebula-NGC 6720 and could see the hole. I then went on to view M81, M82, and the Pinwheel Galaxy and many other Messier objects all with excellent results from this 8″ Orion telescope.

Orion SkyView Pro 8 EQ Reflector telescope

Viewing the planets was also a pleasure. Jupiter’s 4 cloud bands were clearly visible and Jupiter’s moons which showed up as bright points of light. The Cassini division in Saturn’s ring system was clearly visible and Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. Our own moon looked great too, I viewed hundreds of craters, the mountains and valleys. Overall the viewing was clear, sharp, with a good amount of detail.

I’ve now spent several nights scanning the sky and I’m pleased to say the results were wonderful. If you intend on buying this Orion telescope you are going to get your money’s worth and many good nights of viewing for years to come.

This is a very simple Orion telescope to set up and pack up when the night’s viewing is over. It is light in weight and easy to move around if needed. If your budget allows I would recommend you buy the dual axis drive. It can be very tiring having to track deep space objects by hand and the drive will allow you more time to study an object in more detail.

If you’re new to astronomy I would highly recommend you buy a software program called Starry Night. The Starry Night Software will provide you with information and pictures (taken by the Hubble Telescope) on any object in the night sky and more importantly show you where you can find them at any given time of the night. It will also help you:

Find info on objects you are viewing through your telescope.

  • Plan your night’s viewing by giving you the exact position of an object at any given time.
  • To learn where and how to find objects.
  • 3 different pollution settings so you will know exactly what you can and can’t see from your area.
  • There are 4 different versions to choose from and best of all it won’t cost you much. Well worth taking a look at.

Product Description

  • Orion telescope aperture – 203mm (8″)
  • 1000mm focal length (f/5)
  • Parabolic primary mirror
  • Secondary mirror is mounted in a 4-vane holder
  • Rolled steel tube is finished in metallic gunmetal gray enamel
  • 2″ Aluminum rack-and-pinion focuser with a 1.25″ insert
  • Orion telescope 6×30 finder scope
  • SkyView Pro EQ mount features enclosed 360° worm gears
  • Stainless steel tube tripod legs
  • Orion telescope has a one year limited warranty


The SkyView Pro 8 Orion telescope is designed for the beginner to intermediate user and those who are seriously hooked on deep sky viewing.

I can highly recommend this Orion telescope to anyone who wants a top class telescope at a good price. You can purchase this Orion telescope at CatalogCity

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