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Celestron NexStar 114 GT Newtonian Reflector

The NexStar telescope would suit anyone looking for Go-To features with a large aperture on a budget. This celestron telescope is very easy to use it is light in weight and takes only a few minutes to set. This scope would also suit a child.

This Celestron telescope is very good when viewing the planets. The polar caps along with the light and dark regions on Mars are clearly visible. I viewed 3 cloud bands on Jupiter and all of Jupiter’s moons which show up as bright stars. The rings of Saturn are clearly visible.

I also viewed a wide variety of deep sky objects (the brighter objects in the Milky Way). The great Orion Nebula is always an excellent object to view. I also viewed Star Clusters, M81, M82, and M101 all were quite good. Of course if deep space viewing is your first love, then I would recommend you look at a larger aperture telescope. A 6″, 8″, or 10″ would give you excellent views.Celestron NexStar 114 GT

I would highly recommend you buy a barlow lens, you can pick up a 2x for around $39.95. This will double the magnification of your eyepieces that come with this Celestron telescope.

Also if you’re new to astronomy I would recommend you take a look at software called Starry Night. This Software will provide you with information and help you locate and understand the different objects in the sky. It will also help you plan your night’s viewing by giving you the exact position of an object at any given time. Starry Night also gives you 3 different pollution settings for your area so you will know exactly what you can and can’t see. This software is great for all ages, and highly recommended for children.

 Product Description

Celestron telescope aperture – 114mm (4.5″) Newtonian Reflector

Focal Length of 1000mm

Focal Ratio of f/9

Eyepieces – 25mm (40x), 10mm (100x) SMA

Star Pointer Finderscope

The Sky Level I CD-ROM

Mount Motorized Altazimuth

Highest Useful Magnification 269x

Lowest Useful Magnification 16x

Aluminum Tripod

Go-To computer hand control with 4,000 Object Database

Optical tube length 19″

Weight: 15.5 Lbs.


This excellent Celestron telescope will give you many nights of great viewing. I can highly recommend this Celestron telescope to anyone on a budget who wants Go-To features.
You will find this Celestron telescope at Telescopes.com the Binocular Center and at Adorama

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