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Celestron Telescopes C 9.25 Schmidt-Cassegrain

f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain, viewfinder 6×30, Eyepiece 25mm, German Equatorial Mount.

I purchased this celestron last year after speaking with others who own this telescope. They are a very popular model among Schmidt-Cassegrain enthusiasts and word has it that they receive more attention at the celestron factory than other SCT.

These celestron telescopes are bigger and a lot longer than the C8 OTA. It weighs around 25lbs and the shipping weight is about 58lbs. These are very special telescopes with extremely impressive views. Unlike most Schmidt-Cassegrain, the C9.25 has a lot less image shift. The star test was almost perfect.

These celestron telescopes are superior in planet viewing, which is evident with its contrast and sharpness. I have spent many nights enjoying the views of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus.Celestron Telescopes C 9.25 Schmidt-Cassegrain

The detail on Jupiter is breathtaking, with the different swirling cloud bands and the great red spot, the shadows on the planet as its moons orbit will keep you transfixed for many hours.

You can see remarkable detail in Saturn’s ring system and if you’re lucky as I was, you’ll see a bright patch on the surface from a huge storm. Mars polar caps are easily visible as are the light and dark regions of the valleys.

The celestron telescopes performance on deep sky observing was also good and this is indeed an excellent planetary telescope. You will see some impressive views of Globular clusters, Nebulae, Galaxies and Double stars.

I wish I was into astrophotography or CCD imaging as these celestron telescopes would be perfect for the job. The C9.25 are very well built instruments, the optics are excellent and all for such a low price.

 Celestron telescopes Recommendation

I can highly recommend these celestron telescopes for either the beginner or intermediate astronomer. You are getting true value for your money with these well built telescopes.
You will find them at the Binocular Center for only $1,349.

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