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Celestron Telescopes CM 1400 GT 14″ Schmidt-Cassegrain

f/11 Schmidt-Cassegrain, Go-To, Viewfinder 9×60, Eyepiece 26mm Plossl, Drive System, Aluminum Tripod.

This version of the CM 1400 is to be released this year (2002) The exact date is not yet known. This is not a review, I am simply putting together the telescope’s specifications for you.

Celestron has taken an excellent telescope and have added a computer, making it even better. The software you will get with the CM 1400GT has a 40,000+ object database and will store numerous user defined objects.

With the electronics, there is a computerized hand control a permanent periodic error correction, this means when the periodic error has recorded for elimination, the telescope maintains the recording even when the telescope is turned off.Celestron Telescopes CM 1400 GT 14 Schmidt-Cassegrain

It also has a built-in adjustable backlash compensation, auto-guider port, and RS-232 port for communication with your PC to operate and use with the Celestron telescope.

With it’s mechanics you will find a 5.625″ diameter precision bronze gear and a 0.4375″ diameter precision 303 stainless steel worm gear. The telescopes optics has faster compatible for f/2 CCD imaging, 14″ aperture with a focal length of 3910mm at f/11. Also hand-figured optics, star-bright coatings and a resolution of 33 arc seconds.

The telescope weighs 164 pounds and comes with standard accessories such as the 40mm multi-coated 1.25″ Plossl eyepiece the 9×50 viewfinder, car battery adapter, 2″ star diagonal with 1.25″adapter, the heavy duty CI-700 mount and the heavy duty tripod.

 Celestron Telescopes Recommendation

These are superb Celestron telescopes with everything you could ever want in a telescope. Adorama will be supplying this Celestron telescopes.

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