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Celestron Telescope CM 1400 14″ Schmidt-Cassegrain

f/11 Schmidt-Cassegrain, Viewfinder 9×60, Eyepiece 26mm Plossl, Drive System, Aluminum Tripod.

This telescope is what astronomers dream of owning. I unfortunately did not have a photo of someone standing next to this telescope to be able to show you how large it is. When set up ready for viewing it is a sight to behold, you just want to stand back and admire it.

The CM-1400 is a professional quality instrument, the optical performance of these Celestron telescopes would suit scientific research as well as for your own viewing pleasure. Astrophotography would be impressive with this type of telescope.

These are the largest of the Schmidt-Cassegrain Celestron telescopes, the OTA weighs 49lbs and the total shipping weight is an amazing 164lbs. But it is portable and there are 2 chrome handles on the back of the telescope to help you when setting up. To set up these Celestron telescopes will takes about 15 to 20 minutes.Celestron Telescope CM 1400 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain

The Mirror is so heavy on these telescopes that Celestron advises you to lock the mirror in place using the two locking screws on the rear of the telescope before you transport it.

When I began viewing I went straight to my deep sky favorites. After viewing the Ring Nebula and the Spiral Galaxy the only word I can use to describe the view was breathtaking.

I viewed M20 (Trifid nebula), M16 (Eagle Nebula), M81 and M82 with excellent results. Deep sky viewing is a sheer pleasure but you will need a small stool to reach the viewfinder when you place the telescope in certain viewing positions. And with its long focal length you can view planetary objects as well as double stars.

This has to be the ultimate Celestron telescope for the serious astronomer, the only problems I feel it has is with the control box, it is permanently mounted on a half-pier, and the RA cable attaches to a flimsy connector on top of the box.

One of the telescopes mount bolts passes very close to the connector, and I can see that it is only a matter of time before it breaks off. The only other problems is its sheer size, weight and, of cause, the price.

 Celestron telescopes Recommendation

These Celestron telescopes truly are the ultimate telescope to own. If you can afford to buy it I would highly recommend you do, you won’t be disappointed with this excellent telescope.
These Celestron telescopes are for the experienced astronomer. You will find this superior Celestron telescope at the Binocular Center and Adorama.

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