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Celestron Telescopes CR 150-HD Refractor

These telescopes have generated a lot of excitement among amateur astronomers. This is a large telescope at a weight of 30lbs when set up, the tube is around 18 to 19lbs.

The optics are outstanding as are the light gathering capabilities. The coatings on the objective are a deep, rich green color. There is some false color on bright objects such as Jupiter and the moon. However it is not so bad as to be a problem.

You will be very impressed with the high level of detail and sharpness you get from these celestron telescopes. Jupiter gave me very impressive views. I could see the cloud swirls clearly on the gas giant.

I watched for over an hour as Jupiter’s moons orbited the planet, you can see the moons shadow on the gas giant as they pass by. I also had wonderful views of the great red spot and watched it move across the face of the giant.

Saturn rings were impressive giving very sharp and detailed views. You can easily see the different rings surrounding the planet. Andyou can see several of Saturn’s moons.

This celestron telescope is also impressive on deep sky objects. I could see the wispy cloud like gas of the Horsehead Galaxy, I viewed excellent images of double clusters. I viewed many of my favorite deep sky objects with impressive results.

But you will need to get a better tripod than the one supplied as it is simply too flimsy and light for such a heavy telescope. And you will find it shaky on high magnification. Celestron has developed an excellent spring-loaded mechanism that will allow you to align your 9×50 finder very quickly and easily.

For some of you who cannot look past things like false color you may find it a problem, which becomes very intrusive at around 175 – 200X magnification on brighter objects. These are the bad points the good points are the pinpoint-sharp optics.

 Celestron Telescopes recommendation

I can highly recommend these celestron telescopes to the ambitious beginner. It’s a good performer and you will be very happy with the detailed views of the planets and many deep sky objects. Some people can look past the false color better than others.

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