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Celestron Telescopes G5 SCT

Top quality telescopes for the intermediate astronomer. This is a great performing telescope with high quality multicoated optics. It is compact and weighs about 25lbs.

I have used the Celestron telescope for several weeks and found it to be good for planetary and some deep sky objects. These celestron telescopes will give you sharp images over a wide field.

Its ease of use and setup is a bonus on this telescope. It weighs about 24lbs and comes with CD-ROM Software. This telescope has easy photo adaptation and a huge array of accessories you can buy.

I first viewed Saturn with stunning results. I could clearly see the Cassini division and color in the rings. I viewed Jupiter which was simply beautiful. You could see the cloud swirls and the great red spot which had color to them. I watched the shadow on Jupiter as Io passed by.

I then viewed many nebulae and could see the wispy cloud like gases. I viewed M8, M16, M20, M81, M82, M101, and the double star M40 and Globular clusters all were great viewing. M13 in particular was stunning.

These Celestron telescopes can take the extra magnification, so experiment with your eyepieces. The gathering power and brightness of the primary mirror enables you to get more detail every time you upgrade your eyepiece.

These are top class Celestron telescopes for anyone who is serious about astronomy. The motor drive is a bonus and high reflective coatings are used on the correcting lens for increased light transmission. It is easy to transport for field work and easily setup for a great night’s viewing.

Cool down takes about an hour and depending where you store this cute telescope it could take up to an hour and a half which is surprising for such a small telescope.

 Celestron Telescopes Recommendation

I would highly recommend these celestron telescopes to anyone who is serious about astronomy.

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