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Celestron Telescopes Star Hopper 6″ Dobsonian

I have been able to test several of the Dobsonian telescopes and have found them to be a good telescope but unfortunately it has been discontinued.

You can still find some retailers who have them in stock and you will always find them for sale by someone who is wanting to upgrade.

These Celestron telescopes are for the budget minded. It will give you the aperture you want without the price tag. If this is going to be your first telescope, you may also want to look at the 8″ (if you can find them) they are still in the low price range of about $450 and will give you much better deep sky viewing.Celestron Telescopes Star Hopper 6 Dobsonian

These Celestron telescopes will give you good views of the planets and brighter objects in the milky way. The Celestron Dob has good optics. But I found that the Celestron will shake easily in a breeze and is not as sturdy as the Orion or Meade.

This Dob is a simple telescope to use and not so large that it’s hard to move around. Views of the planets are clear and crisp with good detail to them.

If you are looking for a Dobsonian you have a lot of different brands to choose from, read my Reviews on Dobsonian Telescopes where I review all the brands available.

 Celestron Telescopes Recommendation

These Celestron telescopes are cheap but have the aperture we all thirst for and are simple to use. It doesn’t matter how many telescopes I own, I always have a place for the Dobsonian.

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