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Reviews on Celestron Telescopes

Celestron telescopes – is a well known brand name, sold all over the world. How did it stand up to testing? Here we review a broad range of Celestron telescopes in all price categories to help you find the right scope, but before you can do this you need to first find out what it is you want from a telescope. Do you want to view the planets or deep sky? Once you know this you will know which type of telescope you are looking for.

Also for anyone new to astronomy I would recommend you contact your local astronomy club who will be more than pleased to give any assistance they can. You should also go out and visit the club, they will be able to show you some of the club’s telescopes and give you some hands on experience.

Also if you are new to the hobby you are going to need a sky map, to help you find your way around the night sky. You can find what you need at Amazon along with astronomy books and videos all at good prices.

 Reviews on Celestron telescopes Priced Under $500

  • Celestron Firstscope 80AZCelestron Telescopes Firstscope 80AZ
  • Celestron 6′ Star Hopper Dobsonian
  • Celestron Firstscope 114EQ
  • Celestron NexStar 80GT
  • Celestron Telescopes C 102HD

 Reviews on Celestron Telescopes Priced From $500 to $1000

  • Celestron C 4.5′ Reflector
  • Celestron G5 SCT
  • Celestron CR 150-HD Refractor

Reviews on Celestron Telescopes Priced Over $1000

  • Celestron C 9.25 Schmidt-Cassegrain
  • Celestron NexStar 11
  • Celestron CM 1400 14′ Schmidt-Cassegrain
  • Celestron CM 1400GT 14′ Schmidt-Cassegrain

You can buy astronomy software to go with your new Celestron telescope that will help you find any object in the night sky. I recommend the one I use called Starry Night. It is an exciting piece of software which comes in three versions and is very cheap to buy. Starry Night Software will provide you with information and pictures (taken by the Hubble Telescope) on any object in the night sky. This software can help you by –

Provides you with info on objects you are viewing through your telescope.

Helps plan your night’s viewing by giving you the exact position of an object at any given time.

Teaches you where and how to find objects.

This software is simple to use, and suitable for all ages which I highly recommend

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