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Hardin 10 Dobsonian

Deep Space Hunter 10′ Dobsonian

This review for the 10″ Deep Space Hunter Dob is written by George Blake. George contacted me not long ago regarding this 10″ Dobsonian, unfortunately I had never tested this scope so George kindly offered to do a review for anyone who might be thinking of buying the deep Space Hunter 10″ dobsonian. First a little background on George Blake.

He has been interested in astronomy ever since he went to the Cranbrook Institute of Science when he was a lot younger. The planetarium made him a believer. It wasn’t until the last few years, that he really started to pursue it more aggressively. That is why he started to ask more questions and, thanks to the internet he found the answers he needed.

 George Blake’s Review

Well I received my new Deep Space Hunter – 10″ Dobsonian. First observations of the scope was the way it came to me. The packaging was superb. I think it could have been dropped from a tree and not sustained any damage. Yes, it is bulky but it is a 10″ dobsonian and they are not small. The instructions I had heard were not very informative and semi hard to understand. Well the ones I received were as good as Orion and in living color.

The 10″ Dobsonian is a metal tube with a four vane spider, 8X50 finder scope, and an aluminum focuser. It came collimated, and after the assembly of the base, was ready to use. The 26 & 9mm Astrola eyepieces are as clear as the Sirius Plossl lenses I got from Orion. I have had some great viewi

Hardin 10 Dobsonian

Jupiter was awesome, Saturn was equally gratifying. Last night I was out for a short period of time and I was able to see a galaxy somewhere in the vicinity of M-64. It showed up very small in my scope with a 17.5MM eyepiece but for me it was something I would never have seen otherwise except in a photo.ng with the 10″ dobsonian.

I also found out from an astronomy newsgroup that the company that used to make the Orion Dobsonian makes the Hardin Dobsonian. Orion is made in China and Hardin is made in Taiwan. The only problem I found is that the Meade eyepieces are just a little too big, but almost all of the 2″ eyepieces made by Astrola, Celestron, and TeleVue will fit the 2″ receptacle on the 10″ Dobsonian.

All in all, I am very pleased with the scope. If you put the Orion 10″ and the Hardin 10″ Dobsonian side by side, the only difference is the color of the paint. Also the Hardin 10″ Dobsonian doesn’t have the small knob to move the scope!!!!!. I personally am very pleased. I haven’t used the Moon filter that came with the scope, but if it is as good as the rest of the scope I’m sure it will be fine. The main thing is I am having a ball with this 10″ Dobsonian.

I live in Northern Michigan, Grayling to be exact. The light pollution here is not a problem as we have a lot of open space and large cities are quite far from me. From our deck I have an unobstructed Southerly view.

 Hardin 10″ Dobsonian Specifications

  •  10-inch parabolic mirror
  • 1250mm focal length
  • 2-inch aluminum rack-and-pinion focuser (with an adapter for 1¼” eyepieces)
  • Rugged metal tube with enameled finish
  • Extra-large 8x50mm Finderscope
  • 2 fully-coated 1¼” Astrola eyepieces: 25mm Plossl (for 50x magnification) & 9mm Plossl (for 139x magnification)
  • Moon filter
  • Deluxe swivel base with tension springs and an aluminum eyepiece rack (assembly required)
  • Weight of components: Swivel base = 23 lbs. Telescope tube = 36 lbs


Well George seems to be very pleased with his 10″ Dobsonian. Being able to view a Galaxy is a sign of good optics. The sale price is amazing for a 10″ Dobsonian and it would be worthwhile checking it out. I also see they have the 6″ Dobsonian on sale for $239 and the 8″ on sale for $299. Go to Hardin Optical

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