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Dobsonian Telescopes Starmaster 11 EL

The Star-master telescopes are a work of art. They have one of the finest mirrors you will find anywhere. The Picture above shows the 11″ and 20″ Starmaster. The mirror is a 1.6″ thick Pyrex mirror by Carl Zambuto. All secondary mirrors are individually tested and come standard with 96% enhanced coatings.

The Starmaster has a simplicity that makes viewing and handling a dream. Collimation of the primary mirror requires no tools. The Truss design is light in weight compared to the solid tube telescope which eliminates image degrading tube currents.

The aluminum mirror cell (9 point flotation on 12.5″) provides good air flow around the primary mirror which helps insure quick cool down times.

The mirror floats freely on its support points to prevent distortion of the images. It is not glued in the cell and remains on the telescope held in place by mirror clips. The aluminum truss poles have a rubberized armor coating.

The secondary cage is constructed from Oak and lightweight ABS plastic. No sono-tube! The oak construction has a tough polyurethane finish. You will also find a premium JMI NFG-DX2 2″. An excellent Crayford focuser is standard that includes 1 1/4″ eyepiece adapter.

A Rigel Quick Finder is standard equipment. Also included is a light shroud for the truss assembly and a secondary dust cover.

Dobsonian Telescopes Weight and Dimensions

  • Rocker Box and Ground Board Weight 20 lbs. Dimensions are 18″x18″x18″.Dobsonian Telescopes Starmaster 24
  • Mirror Box Weight 38 lbs. Dimensions are 17″x17″x24″.
  • Secondary Cage Weight 6 lbs. Dimensions are 15.5″ x 12.5″. The eyepiece Height at Zenith 63″.

The Starmaster Dobsonian telescope has killer optics and deep sky viewing is superb. I visited all my favorite Galaxies, Nebulae, Globular Clusters and Double Stars. The views were sharp, clear, well defined and simply breathtaking.

Tracking is incredibly smooth even at high 250+ power due to the industrial Velcro/Teflon side bearings. The Starmaster Dobsonian telescopes are beautifully crafted instruments, of the highest quality. The woodwork is superb, collimation is easy and the complete unit breaks down for easy transport and can be put together with ease.

Dobsonian Telescopes Starmaster 24″ $8,995.

Dobsonian telescopes f/4.2 Open Truss Dobsonian, comes with a large array of options.

This Starmaster Dobsonian telescope oozes quality from every part. Don’t rush out to buy one as you will find there is a long waiting list for these amazing Dobsonian telescopes.

We are not talking factory made Dobsonian telescopes that are spat out by the hundreds, they are quality crafted pieces of art that will open up the universe like you have never seen before.

It has a unique truss design which requires no tools to set up and is very compact for transport. Custom built, in steel it is an open design with a quick detach mirror cell with a lightweight oak transport case. This makes it very portable and safe to transport.

The Pyrex mirror is 1.6″ thick (research quality) and makes cool down time very quick. The primary mirror coatings utilize Ion-Assistant Deposition (IAD) and quartz overcoat which provides higher reflectivity.

The downsized secondary mirror provides superb full aperture planetary views and high contrast deep sky images. It comes with the Premium Crayford 2″ focuser, with 1 1/4″ adapter which is standard on all models. Telrad finder with dew shield also standard on all models.

Other standard features on these Dobsonian telescopes are – Aluminum truss poles with black with rubberized armor coating, Light shroud for trusses, dust cover for secondary and carrying case for trusses included at (no charge), and lastly oak construction with polyurethane finish.

Dobsonian Telescopes Weight and Dimensions

Rocker box and ground board weighs 49 lbs and the dimensions are 33.75″x33.75″x20″
The Mirror box weighs 44 lbs and the dimensions are 33.75″x33.75″x37″

  • Mirror & Cell weighs 79 lbs.
  • Secondary Cage Assembly weighs 14 lbs.
  • The Truss Tube length is 75″
  • Eyepiece height and zenith are 99″ @ f/4.2

Dobsonian Telescopes Recommendation

The Starmaster gets my highest recommendation. The Starmaster Dobsonian telescopes are superb instruments and are reasonably priced.

Visit Rick and Carol at their web site Starmaster Telescopes for friendly service and to answer any questions you may have about the Dobsonian telescopes.

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