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Meade 10″ LXD55 Schmidt-Newtonian

This will be a short review as I was only able to use this Meade telescope for one night. I will do a follow up shortly. It’s compact and very good looking with its white tube and gray mountings. Designed to operate at an extremely low focal ratio (f/4), the 10″ Schmidt-Newtonian displays very wide field of view, making it a good planetary and deep sky telescope.

What I did get to see from this Meade telescope in one night was impressive. With 75% more light collection than its smaller 8″ brother, it was enough to give me excellent views. The first objects on my hit list were the planets and I was not disappointed with the views, they were sharp and clear with a lot of detail and some color. This Meade telescope has excellent optics.

But, deep space viewing is where this telescope excels. I glided the telescope over several of my favorite Nebulae and Globular Clusters and was very impressed with what I saw. I viewed M81 and M82 with good results. Then M8 (Lagoon Nebula), M20 (Trifid Nebula), M16 (Eagle Nebula), and M57 (Ring Nebula). There was a great amount of detail, sharp views, and with very little coma.Meade 10 LXD55 Schmidt-Newtonian

The Schmidt comes with Autostar and 9 speed controller. It has 30,000 objects programmed into the database and slow-motion speeds to follow objects easily. This would be an excellent Meade telescope for anyone into astrophotography or CCD imaging.

This Meade telescope is compact making it easy to transport and easy to set up, it took me 5 minutes to have it ready for viewing.

 Product Description

  • Aperture – 10″
  • f/4 Schmidt-Newtonian
  • 6×30 Viewfinder
  • 9 Speed Drive Controls
  • Eyepiece – 26mm Plossl


I only had one night with this Meade telescope but from what I have seen it is a very good Schmidt-Newtonian. It has excellent optics and the large aperture needed for deep sky viewing. I would highly recommend this Meade telescope to anyone who demands excellence. For the best prices on this Meade telescope go to Discovery Store

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