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Meade 6″ Starfinder Equatorial Reflector

Meade Telescopes-6″ Star-finder

f/8 Newtonian, DC RA drive, 6×30 Viewfinder, Eyepieces 25mm.

 These Meade telescopes are another great starter telescope and was reduced from $650 last year. The optics are very good and I was pleasantly surprised. The Sonotube cools quickly which is a bonus.

 The views you get from these Meade telescopes will give you a lot of enjoyment. First I viewed the planets.

Jupiter looked great I could clearly see 3 cloud bands and 5 of Jupiter’s moons which showed up as very bright star’s. Next was Saturn, I could see the Cassini division clearly and the shadow on the planet.

tasco reflector telescope

 Then I turned the telescope on M81 and M82, M8 Lagoon Nebula, and M20 Trifid Nebula and was surprised with the excellent views. The only problem I found with this Meade telescope is the same problem that I have complained about in other reviews on meade telescopes.

 The focuser is made of cheap thin plastic and I have no doubt that you will end up breaking it when you are transporting the scope. You will need to spend an extra $70 to replace it.

 Meade telescopes really are a top brand, but they need to look at fixing the little things like their viewfinders and focusers.

 The Newtonian’s have lost their popularity over the years but they are great telescopes and will bring you many years of pleasure.

Meade Telescope Recommendation

These are great Meade telescopes at a great price for the beginner and intermediate astronomers. You will get a lot of enjoyment from this scope for years to come.

I can highly recommend this telescope and suggest you take a serious look at it. For great deals on this and other meade telescopes go to the Discovery Store.

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