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Meade Telescopes ETX 125 EC

f/15, Electronic Control Panel 4-speed, 8×25 Viewfinder, Eyepiece 26mm 4000 Super Plossl

The ETX125 Meade telescopes have twice the light collecting area of the ETX90, thus this Meade has a much higher level of detail. And after spending time with this telescope I can vouch for its ability.

This is a fabulous telescope and what views, the ETX125 is excellent for both planetary and deep sky viewing. If you live in the suburbs you will find that these ETX Meade telescopes will perform well from your backyard.

Meade Telescopes ETX 125 EC

I turned it on Jupiter, I could see three of the cloud bands clearly, the great red spot and five of Jupiter’s moons. With Saturn you can clearly see the Cassini division of Saturn’s rings and the shadows on the planet surface.

Then with a tap on the Autostar keypad I viewed Nebulae, Double stars, Galaxies, and Globules which were all very impressive and with some detail.

After spending several weeks with the ETX I asked a few of the astronomy club members to take a look. Many of them remarked that the views from these Meade telescopes were of a quality that you would expect from a telescope that costs thousands of dollars and certainly not one under $1000. And I agree.

The rules of alignment are the same as the ETX 70 and 90. Use the two star alignment for accuracy. Once you have this little beauty aligned the autostar will “Go To” and center any object about 96% of the time.

The ETX 125 is small and compact making it perfect for field work. The Auto-star computer has more than 14,000 objects in its database and has 4 duel-axis speeds. Out of all the ETX Meade telescopes this one would have to be my first choice.

I have seen some stunning photographs taken using the ETX, the owners claiming that the ETX125 is excellent for Astrophotography.

Meade Telescopes Recommendation

For a Meade telescope that will only cost you around $895, you are going to be pleasantly surprised at its performance. The family of ETX Meade telescopes are one of the hottest selling telescopes in years, you really have to congratulate Meade.

The ETX125 telescope is great value for money and I can highly recommend them for the beginner and the serious amateur astronomer.

There are several merchants selling the ETX 125 and other top Meade telescopes which is great for you when you’re looking for the best price, try Ritz Camera and Vanns. Also you can find the ETX125 at the Discovery Store.

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