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Orion SkyView Deluxe 6″ EQ Newtonian

This is an attractive looking Orion telescope with its large shiny black tube. There is some plastic such as the view finder, but overall it is a solid built telescope. The SkyView is portable and very easy to set up.

The optics are quite good on these orion telescopes, better than I would have expected. When viewing the planets, I found that the views were clear and crisp but they do lack the high contrast you can find with the Meade telescopes in this price range.

Orion Skyview Deluxe 6eq Newtonian

Deep sky viewing (with dark sky) produced a surprising amount of detail for a 6″. I could clearly see the dark lanes in the Andromeda Galaxy, I also viewed several Nebulae with good results. You will find some coma but nothing to be too concerned about. I found no problems with this telescope, it has been well built with good optics.

The telescope comes with the 25mm eyepiece which is pretty decent, but you may wish to buy a barlow lens.

These orion telescopes come complete with all the accessories you will need to start viewing straight away. But if you’re new to astronomy, I would recommend you buy Starry Night Software.

This software will help you locate any object in the night sky, which can be very difficult when you’re just starting out.

The software will provide you with information on the object you are viewing as well as a picture taken by the Hubble telescope. It can also help you plan a night’s viewing by showing you where an object will be at any given time.

Orion Telescopes Recommendation

These orion telescopes are perfect for the beginner on a budget. It is light, portable and will give you many nights of good viewing.

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