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TeleVue Telescopes NP 101mm

NP101 4″ F/5.4 Apochromat Refractor.

This is a short review as I only had the TeleVue for 2 nights. Firstly I must say these TeleVue telescopes are a handsome looking scope that comes which come equally handsome hard carry case. This is a true deep sky telescope that will provide you with flawless viewing, with the excellent TeleVue optics.

 I viewed M13 which was simply beautiful. I went on viewing M81, M82, M20 and M22 with stunning sharpness. Buy the Nagler which will you the most incredible wide field views you will ever see. When I viewed the Veil Nebula using the Nagler the view was absolutely stunning.

NP 101 telescope

 This TeleVue telescope needs dark sky to get the type of views I have seen, this is not a backyard suburbia telescope. Views of the planets were also good with sharp detail, but deep sky viewing is where this TeleVue excels.

Specifications of the TeleVue NP101

  •  Telescope Type – 4-element Apochromat refractor using special dispersion glasses.
  • Clear aperture – 101mm (4 inches).
  • Aperture gain – 208 (compared to a 7mm exit pupil).
  • Focal length – 540mm (21.3 inches).
  • Focal ratio – f/5.4
  • Resolution (visual) – 1.1 arc-sec (Dawes limit for a 4″ aperture).
  • Magnification – 10x to over 250x using Tele Vue eyepieces and Barlow’s.
  • Star diagonal – 2 inch, “everbrite” mirror type, with 1-1/4″ inch adapter, both with brass clamp rings.
  • Focuser – 2 inch, rack and pinion type with brass clamp ring.
  • Finder – Optional Starbeam or 55mm Plossl for 10x, 4.9 degree field.
  • Mounting – Adjustable mounting ring with 1/4-20 tapped holes for standard (heavy-duty) photographic tripods or optional Tele Vue mounting systems.
  • TeleVue Telescope Weight – 10 lbs. O.T.A.
  • TeleVue Telescope Length – 29″, 26″ O.T.A.
  • Accessories – Included as standard: custom-fitted case, screw-on lens cover, sliding dew/glare shield, 2″ everbrite, 1 1/4″ adapter.
  • TeleVue Telescope Tube color – Ivory color powder-coated aluminum tube, black anodized lens housing, focuser assembly and mounting ring.

TeleVue Telescopes Recommendation

These TeleVue telescopes are truly excellent with great optics. Even though we are talking a lot of money I think its worth every penny. It’s a huge step up from TeleVue 102. This telescope is for those who have a big scope and need something small, portable, and super easy to set up in the dark.

You will find the NP101 at Adorama along with the full range of TeleVue telescopes. Keep an eye out for the (used) TeleVue telescope that Adorama sells from time to time, you may pick up a great bargain.

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