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TeleVue Telescopes

TeleVue Telescopes 70mm Ranger $695

F/6.8 Refractor w/2″ Star Diagonal Green Tube Eyepiece 20mm Plossl, carry case.

TeleVue Ranger 70mm Green Optical Tube Only $570.

TeleVue Ranger 70mm Brass Tube $810.

TeleVue Telescope Ranger 70mm Green Tube or Ivory Tube finish $1,120.

These TeleVue Telescopes may seem small but they are not small on views. They are high quality telescopes made in America. Its size makes this a portable Telescope, and is good for both naturalists or astronomical viewing.

TeleVue Telescopes

The objective is not a true Apochromat, the TeleVue telescope does show false color on bright objects. You can see a purple halo around the moon, other than that this is a great performer. You will find the views of Saturn and Jupiter are stunning both showing a great deal of structure. You will see the cloud bands on Jupiter and the great red spot if you can catch it at the right time. Deep sky viewing is surprisingly good and I had some stunning views from this TeleVue telescope.

 I pushed the magnification as high as I could and found I could view very deep sky objects such as M108 and M109. I found M33 (Triangulum Galaxy) with ease and viewed M81 (Bode’s Galaxy), M82 (Cigar Galaxy), M65 (Leo Triplet 1), M66 (Leo Triplet 2), and M101 (Pinwheel Galaxy). The views were well defined and with good structure.

 TeleVue Plossl eyepiece will give you premium images over a standard 50 degree field of view. The Pan optics are crystal-clear across a much wider 68 degree field. And, the Nagler eyepiece offers you a 82 degree fields.

 The TeleVue Rangers specification:

  • Power Range – 12x over 200x.
  • Visual Field – 3.3 degrees.
  • Eyepiece – 20mm Plossl.
  • Focuser – 2″ Rack & Pinion.
  • Mounting – Heavy-duty tube mount, accepts the TeleVue Gibraltar.
  • Dew shield – Built-in.
  • Carry Bag – Custom Padded.
  • Weight – 6 lbs. Objective 70mm E.D. Telephoto Lens 480mm f/6.8.
  • Construction Black anodized CNC machined aluminum, chrome plated brass.
  • Eyepiece 20mm TeleVue Plossl (24x).
  • TeleVue Telescope Length 18 inches.
  • 5 Years Warranty TeleVue telescopes.

Tele vue telescope

These TeleVue telescopes are set for photography. Simply attach a 35mm camera to the Ranger with a camera adapter and standard T-ring. The 480mm focal length fills the film frame with excellent clarity at almost 10 times the magnification of a normal 50mm lens. The fast f/6.8 speed affords you shorter exposure times – a real advantage in darker lighting conditions.

The TeleVue telescope is an all metal construction which securely holds the objective lens in optical alignment. No user adjustment is needed. The dove-tail mounting on TeleVue telescopes accepts photo tripods or the Panoramic or Gibraltar mounts. It is suggested by TeleVue that you use the Panoramic as it has the best balance of weight for these TeleVue telescopes.

 TeleVue Telescopes Recommendation

The TeleVue telescopes are excellent and I highly recommend them. For such a small telescope you will get wonderful views with it. I find that with a small telescope people will tend to use it more often. And it’s a go anywhere telescope. You have a wide selection of prices to choose from but if your budget allows I recommend you buy the TeleVue Panoramic mount.

You can find these TeleVue telescopes at Adorama, they also have (used) TeleVue at excellent prices so keep an eye out for them. Adorama has the full range of TeleVue telescopes.

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