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Reviews on TeleVue Telescopes

TeleVue Telescopes are highly sought after among amateur astronomers due to their high quality optics and versatility. They are light-weight and ready to go anywhere telescopes.

So what makes the TeleVue special? Firstly I would say the optics are of a high standard. Second it would be its versatility and ease of use. The TeleVue telescope has a large following, read the reviews to learn more.

Tele vue telescope

Reviews on TeleVue Telescopes

If you are new to astronomy there are accessories you can buy to help you in your new hobby. A sky map will be important to help you find your way around the night sky, Amazon sell the Celestron sky maps plus astronomy books and videos.

Or you can buy Astronomy software to go with that new TeleVue telescope. I use a software called Starry Night. Not only will it help you find objects in the night sky to view, it will also give you information on any object you want plus a photo taken by the Hubble telescope. You can plan a night’s viewing as Starry Night can give the position of any object at any time. The software is suitable for all ages. I highly recommend it.

If you would like to view the images from the Hubble Space Telescope, go to the best site on the net The Hubble Telescope. A great site for students or for anyone wanting to explore our amazing universe.

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