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FAQs: Telescope Accessories

Have questions on telescope accessories? Below is a comprehensive list of FAQs on various telescope accessories. If you don’t find your answers here, email us your question and we will get back to you!

I know this is probably a silly question. What does “cool down” mean? I see it in all the reviews I read.

That is not a silly question. It means the amount of time it takes for the air inside your scope’s tube to cool down. Let’s say you bring your scope out from a warm house into the cold night air to start viewing. When you take off the tube cover the air inside your scope needs time to cool down. If you attempt to view before the scope has cooled down you will see everything you are looking at is shimmering. It’s like the shimmer you would see in the air on a very hot day.

I’ve purchased a telescope and want to know what eyepieces I should buy with it?

Good question and the answer for now is none. It would be best to first get to know your scope, after 2 or 3 months of use, you will have a much better idea what eyepieces you want with your new scope. I find that too many people spend a lot of money on new eyepieces, only to find that they are never used.

There is one item that you would use on a regular basis and that is a Barlow lens. This attaches to your focuser and then you attach your eyepiece to it. Depending on which barlow you buy either a 2x or 3x magnification, it will increase the magnification of your eyepieces.

What accessories should I buy with my telescope?

Good question. There is only 1 piece of equipment that I would highly recommend and that is Starry Night Software. You will need to find your way around the night sky and learn where objects are or you may find viewing very frustrating. Starry Night will help you do this and much more.

I have seen a great deal on eyepieces that come with the telescope I want to buy. The deal is that I can buy a large set of eyepieces for only $99.00 when I buy the scope. Do you think this is a good deal?

Sorry but I don’t think this is a great deal at all. It is another way of getting as much money as possible out of your pocket. The fact is that some of those eyepieces will not be suited to your scope, they may be too powerful or not powerful enough. You will probably not be able to use many of them. This is a waste of your money.

My new scope has arrived and it’s great, but I have found that the mount is very shaky and if I bump it, it takes a long time to stop shaking. I can’t afford a new tripod. What can I do?

This is a very common question. I know just the right trick for that dreaded shaky tripod. You need to fill a bag full of sand, then hang it underneath from the center of the tripod. This will hold the tripod down firmly and help reduce the shakes. And please don’t put a brick on the accessory tray. I have seen people do this only to see it fall and land on their foot. Viewing with a broken toe is no fun.

I own a Meade telescope with Go-To. I am having constant problems trying to align it. Someone told me it was because my tripod was not level. How can I make certain if my tripod is level or not?

That’s a good question. If your tripod is not level, you will never get the Go-To system to align or work properly. Here’s a trick to fix the problem. You simply tap a bubble spirit to your tripod, that way you will always know if it’s level or not.

I’m having trouble viewing with my telescope. There is a black spot in the middle of my view when I look through the eyepiece. What is the problem?

Your telescope needs to be collimated badly (Collimation means the aligning of the telescope optics). That black spot is the optics out of alignment. A telescope should be collimated almost every time you use it. Even bumping your scope when you’re taking it outside can put the alignment out. This is a necessary job to be able to get the best views.

Can I see the flag or any objects that are on the moon left behind from the moon walks?

Sorry, but you will not see any objects that man left on the moon. No telescope can do that.

I live in the City. My question is will I be able to see anything if I buy a telescope?

It depends on the size of the City, the amount of air pollution, and light pollution. I live in Melbourne Australia close to the City center and can view from my backyard quite well, but someone living in New York would not be able to view anything. The best way to find out if you can use a telescope in the City you live in, is to first go outside. Can you see a lot of stars? Can you see the Milky Way?

Or go outside with a pair of binoculars, can you see much? Can you see the Milky Way and stars? If not, then you know that if you buy a scope you will need to travel out of the City to be able to use it.

I live in an apartment building, do you think I will have problems viewing?

Good Question and the answer is yes, you may have problems with light pollution. The lights coming from the other apartments can “washout” the sky. Light pollution is one of the biggest problems, and no matter what type of telescope you buy none will be able to cope with this problem. The answer is to go to an area away from light. I would advise you to take a pair of binoculars and see if you can see the Stars. Or what you can view! If you can’t see much then you’ll know you have too much light pollution.

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