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Telescope and Eyepiece Guide

A telescope with good optics and a lousy eyepiece is a lousy telescope!!

Let’s Talk Eyepieces

Many people spend all their money making sure that the scope they buy has the finest optics and the sturdiest mount available.

Then they use a bargain basement eyepiece and wonder why the images are fuzzy and out of focus.

A telescope is made up of two interrelated optical systems. The telescope has a objective and a secondary mirror which passes the image to the eye. The other optical system is the eyepiece, something that most beginners overlook.

Eyepieces guide

This is not the fault of the beginner because there is not enough information provided on this very subject. I receive a large amount of emails from people asking for information about eyepieces and which ones they should buy? This book is dedicated to showing you how to choose the right eyepieces and filters for your telescope. It takes you through the different types of eyepieces and filters and looks at what effects they can have on your viewing.

Let’s Talk Eyepieces will teach you how to calculate the correct eyepiece for your telescope. By the end of the book you will have a better understanding and be able to choose the correct eyepiece for your needs. Buying a good telescope is only half the job, the other is buying a good quality eyepiece to magnify and improve your viewing.

Don’t pay up to $60 for a book only to find a small section on eyepieces. This guide is all you will need.

You pay only $16.95 and receive a 12 month money back guarantee.

Unfortunately this website is not yet setup so you can instantly download the ebook after payment (sorry). For now when you purchase “Let’s Talk Eyepieces” I will send the ebook via email as an attachment. These are PDF books. You first need to download the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader into your computer. Click here for your free copy.

Dictionary of Telescope Terminology (Free)

Finally, a book that will help explain the meanings of telescope and astronomy terminology.

Let’s Talk Telescopes 

This book will guide you from choosing the right telescope for both you and your wallet to understanding how a telescope works and how to get the most from it.

You will learn the correct way to culminate your telescope’s optics and how to clean them.

We talk about pollution and atmospheric conditions and their effects on your viewing. Jam-packed with diagrams and information this book is dedicated to teaching you how to get the most out of your telescope.

Finding Objects to View 

Your new telescope has finally arrived and there it is sitting there beckoning you to take it outside.

But how do you find your chosen target in amongst all those bright points of light?

This book is dedicated to showing you how to find your way around the night sky along with lists of Messier objects and more.

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