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Telescopes – Myths and Misconceptions

Telescopes – Here we will look at the facts and expel some of the myths and Misconceptions surrounding scopes.

And answer questions such as – What can you see through a scope? Can you see color? Can you see the same things as the Hubble Photographs? There are so many questions and hopefully some of them will be answered here so will know what to expect from that shiny new scope.

Myths and Misconceptions

myths and misconceptions telescope

What Will You Really See Through Your Scope?

This is an interesting page to read as we discuss what you will really see with your scope and expel some of the misconceptions, by showing you photographs of the planets and other objects taken using different f-ratios (size) telescopes. We also discuss color and what your eyes can and can’t interpret.

The Truth About Magnification

So is a scopes magnification all it’s built up to be? An interesting question with an interesting answer.

Warning – Sun filters and Your Eyes

Here we will tell you truth about telescope Sun filters. After reading this you will never want to use a Sun filter again.

Tell me in Plain English – Which Telescope to Buy?

Which scope to buy – Here is the big question and yes there is an answer. After 20+ years of using all types of telescopes I do have my favorites and there is one that can out perform many others.

Computerized Telescopes and Problems with the Southern Hemisphere

Living in the southern hemisphere and buying American made scopes does have its problems. But nothing that can’t be fixed if you know what to expect.

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