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Telescope Problems How to Fix Them

Telescope problems – Learn how to fix the common problems such as cleaning and collimating telescope optics. Here we will show you the correct way to clean optics for a Refractor, Schmidt-Cassegrain and Reflector as well as the correct way to clean your telescope eyepieces and what is available on the market to with this task.

telescope problem how to to fix

Collimating your telescope optics is an important job if you want your telescope to perform at it’s best. Telescope collimation is a task that must be done almost every time you move or jolt your telescope. Learning how this is done is very important if you want the very best views from your telescope.

Both cleaning and collimating your telescope optics are important jobs if you want your telescope to perform at its best. There are tools you can buy to help you with both jobs.

Adorama sells eyepiece cleaning kits for $4.95 and telescope optic cleaning kits for $9.95. They also sell Celestron Collimation Eyepieces for $34.95 (which is explained in collimating telescopes optics). Both are very useful tools and recommended.

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